vSRX Hangs on BTX Loader and Boot Loops

3 weeks ago

I have a vSRX 3.0 evaluation (JUNOS 20.1R0) installed on an ESXi 7 host in my personal lab. I used the following command:

kelvintr@KTL-JNPR-FW01>request system power-off

 in order to gracefully shut down the vSRX machine so that I could add an extra E1000 network adapter to it to connect it to a new vSwitch I deployed in ESXi.


However, after I added it and went to boot it back up, the vSRX wouldn't boot even after disconnecting the extra network adapter (the 5th one assigned to the VM) and showed "BTX Loader 1.00  BTX Version is 1.02" before proceeding to reboot after 30 seconds, proceeding in a loop.


I don't know how I'd begin to troubleshoot this, so any help is appreciated! Thank you!



Kelvin Tran