SRX Services Gateway
SRX Services Gateway

SDWAN Inquiry

4 weeks ago

I have 5 branches each one has separate internet line and backup of this line.

I need to link between all of them using SDWAN so please advise which model of SRX will be suitable for this rule

and the S/W which I need is CSO ?

First branch around 80 users

Second is 50 user

Third, Fourth and Fifth is around 20 user

SRX Services Gateway

Re: SDWAN Inquiry

4 weeks ago

Hi HDawood




The supported SRX hardware and required Junos OS software release version



Models Supported

Junos OS Software Release Version

SRX Series Services Gateway

  • SRX4100 Services Gateway
  • SRX4200 Services Gateway
  • SRX300 Services Gateway
  • SRX320 Services Gateway
  • SRX340 Services Gateway
  • SRX345 Services Gateway
  • SRX550M Services Gateway


vSRX Series Virtual Services Gateway





Gateway Sites and Devices–Starting with CSO Release 4.1, a special type of spoke device, called a Gateway Device, can be deployed as the CPE at an on-premise spoke. Only SRX4100 and SRX4200 Services Gateway devices can serve this function. The spoke site that functions this way, must be configured as a gateway site during site creation. Creating a gateway site with an SRX4x00 opens additional functionality for the site:

  • Can act as the anchor point for site-to-site communications on the customer’s network
  • Can act as the central breakout node for the customer’s network
  • Provides for a new, specialized, department called the data-center department
  • Supports dynamic LAN segments with BGP and OSPF route imports, including default routes, from the LAN-side L3 device.
  • Allows for intent-based breakout profiles to create granular breakout behavior based on department, application, site, etc


Starting in CSO Release 3.3, an SD-WAN spoke device can be located in an AWS VPC. A vSRX instance in the VPC serves as the cloud spoke device; once the endpoint comes online it acts like any other spoke device.

Spoke Redundancy

Starting with CSO Release 3.3, dual CPE devices can be used at spoke sites to protect against device and link failures. For more detail, see the Resiliency and High Availability section of the

  • CSO SD-WAN and SD-LAN – Design and Architecture Guide


  • SD-WAN Deployment Architectures


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