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Fusion Provider Edge + VSTP

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2 weeks ago
We have an MX204 with Satellite EX4300.

We’ve created a local switching routing instance which has a few bridged VLAN’s in where required.

Hanging off the back of the EX we have two layer 1 connections dii oh an to other data centres. Each with an EX Switch. These other two switches also have a connection between them.

We want to create a resilient link so that the traffic routes one way primary for some vlans and the other for others. This could normally be accomplished by VSTP. Not ideal of course but as budget permits.

However as soon as we enabled VSTP On the MX204, if it’s the root bridge, it becomes very upset and flaps the root bridge around a lot. Whereas if one of the other switches is root bridge then it’s stable as a rock.

My question is, does VSTP with Fusion Provider Edge work. Or should I look to do this a different way, such as making those other switches part of the Fusion as well?

Thanks in Advance

Ethernet Switching

Re: Fusion Provider Edge + VSTP

2 weeks ago


Hi mikebrandl,


I believe you should add them to the Fusion and enjoy the benefit of having a single logical point of control/management etc.


Also, please check the following:  



Some “Guidelines and Restrictions for PVLANs” in Understanding Private VLANs, however, do not apply to PVLANs on a Junos Fusion Enterprise for the following reasons:



I believe it is supported only for QFX10k's in the switching realm:


VSTP enhancements (Junos Fusion Data Center)—Starting in Junos OS Release 17.2R1, VSTP is supported on a QFX10000 switch acting as a single-homed aggregation device.





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