Contrail Platform Developers
Contrail Platform Developers

Remote Installation of a Contrail Fabric Through PXE-Boot

‎11-12-2013 01:26 AM

The Contrail software is usually installed from a CD-ROM or USB device.

Depending on how many systems you want to install, this may take some time and you must always be on site to change the CD-ROM or USB device.


I will describe how to use the PXE-Boot capability of the computer BIOS to boot a new system via the network, install the OS, then install Contrail.

This lets you:

  • Install the fabric remotely without being on site.
  • Install all nodes in parallel.
  • Install faster than from CD-ROM or USB sticks.
  • Observe fewer errors as IP addresses are converted from DHCP to static.

The full Article is a part of the new Juniper Tech-Wiki which was recently launched. Please follow the link to the Article.


Hartmut Schroeder
Consulting Engineering Specialist | Advanced Technologies - EMEA