Contrail Platform Developers
Contrail Platform Developers

Fab setup without openstack fail

‎12-05-2017 04:52 AM

I am running the command fab setup_without_openstack:no, in my environment I already have a Openstack Centos MITAKA.


I am getting the error below and I dont know how to investigate the reason,


File "/opt/contrail/utils/fabfile/utils/", line 490, in keystone_ssl_enabled
2017-12-04 17:40:32:624354: auth_protocol = get_from_testbed_dict('keystone', 'auth_protocol', 'http')
2017-12-04 17:40:32:624548: File "/opt/contrail/utils/fabfile/utils/", line 208, in get_from_testbed_dict
2017-12-04 17:40:32:624602: val = env[dictionary][key]
2017-12-04 17:40:32:624736: TypeError: 'set' object has no attribute '__getitem_