Contrail Platform Developers
Contrail Platform Developers

Building and testing Layer2 Service Images for Contrail

‎12-16-2013 03:54 AM

This is a small introduction to service VM’s. On what the minimum requirements are to build them, and how to test them in a Fabric. Some people use other names like Service-extraction, Service-chaining or Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) when they mean the whole construct.


In this article, we’ll focus on what has to be done to create service VM’s, the extracted service that get’s this traffic and processes it, and how you can do simple tests with it.

An additional focus will be on the creation and testing of Layer 2 Forwarding Service Images since this is a bit more challenging compared to build-in a ‘traditional’ Layer 3 Forwarding Service Image.


The full Article is a part of OpenContrail website. Please follow the link to the Article.

Hartmut Schroeder
Consulting Engineering Specialist | Advanced Technologies - EMEA